Assisting Women Build Better Organizations in Latin America

Assisting Women Build Better Organizations in Latin America

Observe how TechnoServe adapted Impulsa tu Empresa, company accelerator system, to higher target females business owners’ requirements.

The Impulsa Tu Empresa (“Boost Your Business”) program is a company accelerator system, which is designed to assist 850 tiny and businesses that are growing Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Burkina Faso. The Multilateral Investment Fund, the Walmart Foundation, the Citi Foundation and the PIMCO Foundation, TechnoServe provides participating businesses mentorship, market connections, and access to capital to help them grow and expand with support from the Argidius Foundation. This system hopes to boost revenues among these companies by $25 million and produce 750 jobs that are new 2017.

Understand how Veronica, creator of IKO Imagen, grew her company while changing TechnoServe’s assistance to her community. Learn More


Ladies in Central America face access that is unequal financial possibilities as business people, leaders, workers and vendors when compared with guys. As a result, you can find less tiny and businesses that are growing) where females have leadership functions, and of those SGBs with females leaders, you can find usually greater profitability and growth constraints in accordance with those led by guys.

A number of the challenges that are key business owners face when growing their companies include:

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