Female Condoms Are Safer for Underwater Intercourse

Female Condoms Are Safer for Underwater Intercourse

So, you truly desire to possess sex that is underwater. But, in addition want security from maternity and STDs. The perfect solution is? Make use of condom that is female. They have been a good contraceptive for water sex because:

  • Of this condom that is female and placement. So it’s less likely to slide out since it is made to be inserted into the female body, less water will affect it.
  • They’ve been manufactured from polyurethane (and never latex). This is why them a safer and more powerful choice because oil-based lubricants or substances within the water will maybe perhaps perhaps not make them break. It doesn’t mean condoms that are male of polyurethane are good to make use of for underwater intercourse. Studies have shown that polyurethane male condoms have actually a greater breakage price than latex condoms
  • Fc female condoms are also lubricated inside and outside so friction is paid down.

To boost condom that is female, you ought to place the feminine condom before you go to the water. Because of this, the lubrication this is certainly currently in the condom is less inclined to clean down.

Lubrication During Liquid Intercourse

Another problem pertaining to underwater intercourse has regarding lubrication. Water ( from a shower, pool, pond, etc.) can wash away the lubrication that is natural happens in your vagina if you have intercourse. It may dilute the water-based lubrication that occurs a condom. This will probably result in the condom to dry up during underwater sex.

This decline in lubrication that will take place whenever making love in water may result in uncomfortable intercourse. More to the point, though, less lubrication equals increased friction. This combination leads to a higher possibility that your particular condom may break. To prevent this issue, you can make use of yet another lubricant that is non-water-based your condom: